Nike Air Max Day - Instagram Campaign Series

A series of Instagram videos created to celebrate AirMaxDay! Unveiling the new Nike VapourMax’.  This campaign featured talented football stars. All Created in support of the new arrival which were officially released by Nike// JD Sports // Foot Locker. Many of the footballers posted it on their own Instagram pages too. 

'BRKFST' Instagram Teaser (Orae Khalil)

This clip is a teaser to a music video by artist ‘Orae Khalil’. The track is titled - BRKFST (Breakfast). This was the main inspiration, The music video also plays on the same themes. 

'Sweet Tooth' Instagram Teaser. (Half Moon Half Cheese) 

Instagram teaser for the visual 'Sweet Tooth'. Created for extra promotion to attract Instagram user to watch the full visual. Watch it directly here. (Fashion Visual) Website: 

'Butterfly Effect' Instagram teaser (Half Moon Half Cheese)

A Instagram teaser of the advert 'Butterfly Effect' for our client 'Half Moon Half Cheese'. A additional promotional tool to get viewers to check out 'HMHC'. watch the full advert here. Website:

still thinking Instagram teaser - Shaun Sky

This clip was created for artist Shaun Sky, who is a music artist set to release he's debut project titled 'still thinking'. This clip was used to reveal the name of the project to he's following. Simple but effective. 

Yosqi Photo shoot - Behind The Scenes Instagram Teaser 2 (Yosqi)

The 2nd instalment that floated around on Instagram. Another insight to the upcoming project by fashion brand Yosqi. (Fashion visual)

Gritter Sweet - Instagram Teaser

Teaser for official music visual - 'Gritter Sweet' A short and sweet teaser that was shared by supporting Instagram pages, which build up more anticipation around the release. Watch the full video right here.

Min Bow - Broken Gameboy Color (Instagram Teaser)

Teaser for the visual 'Broken Gameboy Color'. Extra promo to assist the main visual. Watch the full visual right here. (Music Visual) 

'Peace Upon' Instagram Taster (Who Sound)

Instagram clip to promote the a new track by Shaun Sky titled Peace Upon. This short clip was accompanied with a link to the track.  

South Asylum - VCR Snippet (Orae Khalil) 

This taster was created to give viewers a sneak peek of the upcoming Short film - 'South Asylum'. It's purpose wasn't to reveal too much information. Just to give viewers a feel of the project and build anticipation.  

'Response' Instagram Preview (Who Sound)

A small segment of a unreleased music video by music artist - Shaun Sky. Posted on social media platforms to give viewers a sneak peak on the new music. 

'You Missed Me?' Instagram Teaser (Half Moon Half Cheese)

A Instagram teaser of the advert 'You Missed Me' for our client 'Half Moon Half Cheese'. A additional promotional tool to get viewers to check out HMHC. (Instagram audience) Full advert here. Website:

'12 Weeks in Devgarh' Preview - (KURB Doc)

This preview featured on the official 'KURB' blog and other social media platforms to raise awareness for the upcoming project. The full project is now released. Check it out here. (Documentary)

Yosqi Photo shoot - Behind The Scenes Instagram Teaser 1. (Yosqi) 

 A insight for viewers to see Yosqi's progress and upcoming project. Take a sneak peak of the apparel featured in-store. Peep more at Yosqi. (Fashion Visual)

'The P.T.A' Music Visual - Instagram Teaser (The Factory) 

A instagram teaser for the Music Visual - 'The P.T.A' by Spec's Spectacle. The teaser also leaked onto Facebook. Check out the full visual right here. (Music Visual)