We Offer:

  • Single Advertising Visual - 1 online advert for your brand - Idea generated by Greta
  • Advertising Visual Campaign - 3 online adverts (1 Campaign) for your brand - Idea generated by Greta
  • Music Visual 
  • Purely videography skills - Concept already set, no major input from Greta (Idea-wise)
  • Documentary showcase 

Additional Services:

The services listed below can be added on to your primary service at additional cost. They can also be requested separately. Please state any services you request. 

  • Logo Design 
  • Digital Poster
  • Press Ads 
  • Instagram Trailers

Connect with us via our contact page for a quote. 

Each quote is calculated depending on the project, All prices are tailored made based on many factors. Be as specific when requesting for a quote to assure a accurate response. 

(Each visual will be marketed by 'Greta' - Sent through our strong catalogue of contacts to ensure your advert is seen by the right people)

The Process: 

  • Market Research - To understand your Primary & Secondary audience and the field of industry your brand fits in. This is important component for us. it helps to move forward and project your brand in the right way. 
  • Idea Generation - Generating ideas that project your brand correctly, Thinking stage that lets the imagination run free and stumble on the right idea. 
  • Brainstorm - Find direction and purpose in the idea's genrated and pick the right thoughts that project your brand ethos and image. 
  • Plan & Preparation - This stage is to organise and gear up to execute the idea's visually. This includes storyboards, prop lists and any other components needed to execute. 
  • Filming - execution stage, Going out and filming the idea. 
  • Editing - Editing the footage and creating the completed advert. 
  • Marketing - Getting your advert seen by the right people and placed in the right places so the visual can fullfil it's height potential. 

A collaboration between us and your brand will produce the best work. Please download our starter pack, filling this out will help us understand your brand to the fullest (You may need to download each document separately)

Email content back at gretavisuals@gmail.com