"Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind," - Walter Landor

Product Packing Project 1


Product Design // Branding


Clients: Half Moon Half Cheese

Brief Introduction

In 2015 we worked closely alongside fashion brand 'Half Moon Half Cheese' - A company that specialise in luxury stripped corduroy caps. Greta was assigned to dictate the branding. 


Product Design // Packaging

From understanding the importance of brand identity and the ethos of the brand, we pitched the idea of creating 'Cheese' inspired tubs for the caps to be packaged in, to correlate with the brand name and provide a canvas for the brand to show off their creative flare. Create a interesting concept alongside the caps and make the product truly unique. Inside the tubs we suggested to include the traditional red and white cloth often seen with expensive cheese, just to emphasise the concept even further. This touch of detail separated the brand from anything else and brought a whole fresh concept to the brand. Each product had it's own designed lid which gave each product it's own identity. Here are the results...