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T Lions Media

Edenbo 1991 x T Lion Media are at it again, crafting a luxurious photoshoot campaign for Edenbo's new season. The shoot was captured at a grand hotel to match the rich and lavish feel of Edenbos collection. 

The photoshoot was produced by fashion media company: T Lions Media. This video was originally released in China. This version is for us to embed to our official website.

Far East Festival

Far East Festival made their debut this Summer. Celebrating Oriental culture in festival fashion. Check out our highlights. Performances from 4TH Impact, JAGMAC, Tita Lau, DJ Phat, DSD and Ricky Vee + much much more.

Official Sponsors: Singha Beer, LycaMobile, Hachoo Bubble Tea, Lambeth Solicitors

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(This originally was released via the Official Far East Festival Vimeo but has been taken down due to one of the sponsors. This has been re-uploaded for portfolio purposes)

T Lions Media x Edenbo

Fashion brand 'Edenbo' collaborates with fashion media company 'T Lions Media' for a luxurious fashion shoot. Edenbo 1988 Collection is classy and elegant which inspires the surroundings and backdrop of the shoot. Located at an amazing castle in the heart of Oxford. Beautifully complimenting the tone of Edenbo's latest collection. 

The photoshoot was produced by T Lions Media Company. This video was originally released in China. This version is for us to embed to our official website.

London Orient Football Academy

London Orient is a newly established football academy with the aims to change children and young teenagers lives by giving them the opportunity to develop their talent and further their chances to take football to the next level. Situated at the massive Millwall stadium, equipment and faculties are at a all time high! Participants really do train like the pros. Find out more by liking their Facebook page 

T Lions Media x Sun Sea Land

Two distinct yet newly established brands come together for a amazing look book shoot for Chinese fashion brand - 'Sun Sea Land'. Featuring their new collection which drops early 2016.  Watch our behind the scenes access, where we explore West London Shooting School and T Lions creative process. 

Photographer: Anna Radchenko, Assistant Photographer: Paul Perelka, Producer: Jay Duong, Coordination Manager: Kenny Chen, Stylist: Mizzi Tan, Assistant Stylist: Jay Duong, MUA: Ellie Rickets, Assistant: Chris Bench

Football Beyond Borders

The FBB TV team had the pleasure to sit down with Manchester City star 'Yaya Toure' for a insightful interview! Young presenters Bruno & Geele got to pick Yaya brains on many hot football topics. Fantastic watch! 

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Sunday Assembly

Sunday Assembly is a secular congregation that celebrates life. Caring for communities and create dialogue amongst each other, no matter what race, religion or occupation.

One of the guest speakers for the day - 'Mark McKergow' speaks about being a great host, and how it can lead into opportunities. A very insightful discussion, have a watch, and let us know your thoughts...

Studio Pioneers

The Poll Piece, constructed by William Stapleton. The piece draws from the aesthetic and mental connotations attached to pollution and desolation, influence ranges from the relating colour palettes to the fractal shapes showcased on the garment. Will Stapleton does this to cultivate thought and to show how you can use fashion as an art medium to challenge perceptions and issues in today's creative climate.

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T Lions Media

Another collaboration with production company - T Lions Media who created a street photography campaign with Chinese brand 'Luyiqd'. A brand who specialise in trousers ranging from casual designs to smart wear. This original video was uploaded to 'YouKu' (Chinese YouTube). 

T Lions Media

Check out our behind the scenes photoshoot for Chinese brand 'Qing Wan Tian' who produce vintage style shoes. The photoshoot was produced by T Lions Media Company. This video was original uploaded on Youku (Chinese Youtube) This version is for us to embed to our official website.

PiTS Football

PiTS Football offer endless amounts of training drills for there players, To enhance their all round footballing ability.  The 'Footwork' drill encourages players to express themselves freely on the pitch. Building on their skills and confidence to stand out of the crowd makes a difference. Nothing is Given. Everything is Earned. 

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PiTS Football

PiTS TV Interview young professional footballer Brendan Kiernan to get a insight into his footballing career so far. Including hints and tips to keep sharp for the pre-season and his words of advice for fellow footballers.

PiTS Football

Lamar Aaron (@lamaraaron) meets an upcoming talent in London, dubbed the next Marco Asensio, Carlos Cuartas (@mr.cuartass)

Lamar looks into the background story of the Spanish born midfielder and his journey from Spain to the U.K. and the clubs he has been to. Additionally we learn about where he is now and his future goals. Insightful! 

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Youth Media Agency x Certified UK

Youth Media Agency highlights a youth media platform every month. Spreading the word on amazing young people out there. May 2015 is 'Certified UK' time to shine! Check out more via their official Twitter. 

T Lions Media

We had the pleasure of roaming the streets of London to capture this simple and effective photoshoot produced by T Lions Media. For a elegant umbrella brand based in China. This video was originally uploaded to Youku (Chinese YouTube). This version is purely for portfolio purposes. 

PiTS Football

PiTS Football host Lamar Aaron is with PiTS Athlete Carlos Cuartas (@mr.cuartass) taking part in a drill created by Renaldo Sutherland (@whatrensays)

This drill focusing on ball control, skill and shooting accuracy. Fundamental skills for any professional. Nothing To Something!

Frank Di Lusso Hair

Take a tour of a beautiful salon providing professional hair treatment. The salon itself is comfortable, classy and embodies a refreshing energy. The perfect place for you to relax and get pampered. For more

PiTS Football

The PiTS Performance centre has re-launched and is more intense than ever. PiTS Footballers show the sacrifice it takes to make it to the top. Are you ready to take on the challenge? Book now at 

Nothing is given. Everything is earned.

Youth Media Agency

#XXVOTE is the latest campaign by Youth Media Agency. Aims are to get more women, especially young women involved in Politic. This is the Crowdfunding video. Please Pledge! Right Here