What is Greta? 

An independant in-house ad agency that specialise in videography with a abstract viewpoint. A creative promotional company that can lift your brands awareness and project your brand image through artistic expression.  

Greta; inspired by the forms of diversity, abstract style and creative edge from its birthplace London, absorbs and uses its environment as a canvas to express the collaborative creative projects for clients which mirror and reflect the foundations of the clients brand image.

Our Ethos 

Greta prides itself on intuitive innovation, the art of capturing a message in its most eloquent and honest of ways, Greta revolves around the nexus of creativity and thrives on experimental attitudes.

Essentially Promoting Positive and Creative entities only. Creating visions that stimulate thought and contribute to a developing industry.

Our Vision 

Having completed projects for clients Internationally Greta's vision is to stimulate thought and contribute towards a rapid developing industry. At a time where cultures submerge and the world grows increasingly interdependent, Greta aims to connect with as many different audiences as possible.  

Our Way 

Greta holds a paradigm which gravitates towards the mantra of Conceptual Creativity allowing innovation to help paint, capture or inform the audience of a structured concept behind its creative dimensions.

"Creating content that people choose to watch and share rather than avoiding and skipping,"

Executing a visual representation of the clients brand in a niche way that separates their brand from its competitors whilst maintaining loyal to the brand image to the fullest. 

Our Services

The elements we touch upon 

  • Adverts
  • Promotion (press ads etc.)
  • Documentaries
  • Music Visuals 
  • Events 

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